This is going soooooo sloooooowly.

Yesterday I planted 20 asparagus and 1 rhubarb. Today I planted 6 asiatic lilies, 1 sugar maple, and 2 blueberries. I hauled one 9-foot log, aerated a 20’x4′ bed (with a pitchfork), and dumped and spread 42 cubic feet of topsoil and 30 cubic feet of wood chips. I also dug up about 6 square feet of soil in preparation for starting another bed, but then I got mild sunstroke and had to come inside. I meant to go back out again, but the nausea and headache didn’t go away until late this evening. And there went my one day of child-free garden work (tomorrow I have to clean the house and play hostess to my local book club.)

Each day I let myself down: sweaty toil throughout the day, a bright sense of accomplishment and productiveness… that then gets dashed to pieces when I look out the window and see how little I actually got done. Half a bed filled with dirt? One little 20-foot path filled in? It just doesn’t show on the surface that it took me three hours, two bottles of water, and 13 backbreaking wheelbarrow loads.

One good thing though: I’m definitely getting stronger. Already! Just a week and a half ago I was winded and tired from merely smoothing some soil with a rake and then unrolling 25 feet of landscape fabric over it. I mean I was panting, hot, and had to take a break. What a wimp! I was thinking there was no freakin’ way I’d be able to actually ever do any heavy-duty work. At the beginning of this week I could only manage to haul 1/2 a wheelbarrow-load (3 cubic feet) of topsoil. Now just four days later, I can load it up to the brim with no problem! I’m even starting to see new bulges in my arms. (Hello triceps! What have you been up to all these years?)

Raaar I am garden girl! (Except of course I should probably remember to wear a sunhat and drink more water. At least I did remember the sunblock.)

I hope my newfound strength continues to improve, because otherwise it’s gonna be next year by the time I have most of the paths done…

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  1. Amber Says:

    Let yourself down?!?!?!?! Woman! Are you crazy?! You get more done in half a day than most do in a month! Really. Not exaggerating there.
    *gently pokes you with a stick* Go easy on yourself, you get an ABSURD amout of things done. Silly.

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