See? Told you she was smart!

Sofía at 20 months. I finally caught it on video. (Click on it to go to the YouTube site to see it larger.)

Actually I’m a little grumpy about the video. Sofía sang the ABC’s over and over about five or six times, all of them with the little song at the end, and I thought I had caught most of them on video. But I seem to have pushed the “record” button one too many times; when I went to download the clips there was only this one and some really random, ABC-less moments. Which means that all that time I had actually been turning it *off* when I meant to turn it *on*. So I lost all the really good, clear, complete-with-refrain recitals. -grumble-

Oh well. You’ll just have to deal with me publishing another one later.

Anyway. She’s been doing this for a really long time now – I want to say since she was 14 or 15 months? I can’t even remember when she first learned her alphabet, but she’d always clam up when I whipped out the video recorder. At least now it’s on record!

2 Responses to “See? Told you she was smart!”

  1. Amber Says:

    *laughs!!!!* Yes. Chocolate IS more important than ABC’s. I love that she had to catch her breath after that big swig of chocolate milk. I sometimes do that too…. it’s just better that way. *loves*

  2. Amber Says:

    *laughs more* “A b c-d. No! ABCee’s BAD!” Beautiful and amusing…. if you ever need a Pacific Northwest babysitter… I’m all yours.

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