Coming along

I’m still working on that table I found on Freecycle. Remember what it looked like before?

And this is what it looked like a couple days ago:

I sanded off much of the dark gloss finish before I figured out that the surface is in fact a veneer – tiger oak, an expert friend tells me. Then I took off the rest with liquid refinisher over the course of several wretchedly stinky evenings. At least I had my audio books.

The bleached parts never did equalize with the dark parts. Not even close – it was dalmation territory all the way.
I ended up finding some mahogany stain downstairs that fairly exactly matched the already dark parts, and stained the lighter parts as best I could. It didn’t come out perfect, but it’s much better than it was – I can still see the blotches, but Josh can’t. And since I keep expecting him – detail freak that he is – to be a table Nazi with this refinishing business (he’s not actually though), that’s all that matters.

Every single night since, I’ve been rubbing a coat of Tung oil into the wood before bed. It will probably take about twenty coats before the wood is fully saturated, so at one a day it will be a while yet! And I got the low-sheen version of the oil rather than a high gloss, so who knows if you’ll even be able to tell once it’s really finished?

It’s getting better day by day. Already the gloss of the end panels match the center panel better than in this photo. I’m starting to think this was actually worth it! :)

Oh one sad thing though: we could only get one extension panel to fit. The other two that the previous owner gave us were slightly different than the center panel in finish and shape. They were in such perfect condition that we doubt whether they ever came out of the box… so maybe nobody knew till now. Still, we simply couldn’t figure out a way to get the table sliders to spread the table any wider – so an 8 person setting is the best we get. Who cares – it’s still better than our current 2-person Ikea special!

3 Responses to “Coming along”

  1. debbie swickard Says:

    GORGEOUS!!! Way to go!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    that is so beautiful, dianita–so much work and so much gain.
    maybe the “table expert” can look at it in end of April and may have an idea for a panel fix…or maybe they’re a small table for the solar room…

  3. diana Says:

    Oh that’s a good idea: I suppose I could use them also to build a matching buffet table!

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