Business as usual.

I’m well on my way to becoming a fully legal potter now – I’ve got about5 out of 6 licensing forms finished, and only the easiest one left tofinish. It’s been an awful lot of “hurry up and wait”, as I rush to getforms sent off and then wait weeks for the departments to approve me andgive me an ID number so I can apply for a sales tax license, so that I can turn around and scramble toget our another application with that number on it in order to receivean “L number” (something about personal property) so that I can, once Iget that number, register my trade name, so that once I get thatregistered I can apply for a trader’s license, so that… well, the listgoes on. I’ve now been operating a business without a license(technically, though it was applied for) since Sept. 07. Ah, well.

So now that I’m just waiting for my trade name registration to go through, I have to finally settle down to the business of pottery – that would be, oh, actually potting. -grin- I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of dawdling! :)

What throwing I have done has been to fill orders. So a perfectlyjustified expenditure of time, except that I had everything nearlyfinished when the glaze kiln overfired (either that or my glazes havebeen drastically tampered with) and I lost everything. Two weeks ofthrowing time and several pounds of clay. I immediately rethrew it allfrom scratch and it will be ready to reglaze tomorrow. -sigh- I’m only alittle late getting those out to people (barely) but I did sowant to make a good impression and get them delivered early.

I really, *really* hope the glazes work this time. It was the mysteryglaze (the “November” periwinkle-and-nutmeg combination) that messed up- it turned a washed-out, mucusy color that I’m ashamed even to try togive away – and it was my most outstanding color combination.Given that it is a mystery glaze, made up from bits and scraps ofthe tail ends of other glazes, I can never replicate it and I’mdesperate to get as many objects glazed in it as I can before it runsout or changes, as glazes do. As it might have already.

In other pottery news, I have thrown two pitchers this week. They’re not as tall as I wanted (6″ instead of 9″) but they’re slender, with good form. They should be – I spent about an hour each on them. When a particular thrown object usually takes between 5-15 minutes, you can appreciate how long that is. But hey, they were meant to be experiments anyway! I’m trying to figure out what my “signature” shape should be – or just figure out what I’d like it to be eventually, so I can work towards it. And I really want to form a particular kind of spout – like the ones pictured here by Dick Lehman – that no one can tell me how to make. It involves cutting the spout open, but I can’t quite figure out at what hardness, or how to keep the sides even while I cut. I did get fairly close, so it’s all a question of practice, I guess.

So once I build up enough stock, my next big purchase is a photo setup,which my dad has said he’ll reimburse me for, for my birthday next week(thanks, dad!). Once I get that I can start builing up my portfolio andmy website. Since I’ve got a show coming up on the 19th of November, I better hurry! :)

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