I have done it. I talked to the chair of my graduate department and toldher how much I was suffering with the graduate program. She was simplywonderful to talk to and very supportive; I had been really worriedabout the response to my decision, seeing as I was the recipient of aprestigious 2-year fellowship, I shouldn’t have started the program inthe first place if I wasn’t sure about it, etc. But Josh helped medecide that tending to my health was more important than fulfilling theexpectations of others. I have decided that as I do not want a career in academia, there is little that the PhD program can offer me in terms of career benefits. I told the chair that I was not going to take the comps in January, and that I wanted to quit the program. She told me that was okay, but convinced me to take a year-long leave of absence instead of quitting, just in case I changed my mind. So: welcome to my first life change.

What Josh and I have planned instead is that I will dedicate myself to pottery! (As he can support both of us on his income as long as we are frugal, and is even expecting a raise in November, it is a fine time for us to make this change). I have applied for my business license (should have received it by now, actually) and have printed up business cards. My little business will be called Two Cat Pots!

I’ve done very well at the last two craft fairs I went to – enough topay for all my materials for last semester and this next one. And I gotseveral custom orders! So I’m enjoying myself, buying all the neatlittle tools I’ve been making do without. I’ve bought a cell phone as abusiness line only – since I’m in the studio all day every day andthere’s no phone there, it wouldn’t seem very professional to aprospective client if they couldn’t get ahold of me, would it? – and I’mgoing to go get a photo setup soon so that I can professionallyphotograph any items I make for display in my portfolio and on mywebpage. Josh did a great job on that too, by the way: check itout at

I’m looking forward to the Christmas fair (the Festival of Lights),which is a two-day fair dedicated exclusively to shopping for crafts asChristmas gifts. People seem to make a bit more money there than atregular fairs. I’m planning on making lots more oil lamps and even oil candles – which are little round bodies (at least as I’m planning on making them) with a small removeable brass nipple at the top through which the wick burns openly, just like a regular candle. I’m going to decorate them with slip trailing (raised lines & bumps) and I have some really nice combinations of breaking glazes (glazes that change color over texture) so they should be beautiful, if a PITA to create, since the form that I have in mind is difficult enough when you don’t have to get the opening to exactly fit a little insert to within an 1/8 of an inch. -grin- It’s a challenge, I like it!

So speaking of glazes, I’m gonna run over to the studio now and pick up all the little glaze testers (200 of ’em!) that I made, and see which ones worked! Ooh exciting!

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